Adjust To Daycare in San Diego

A- Prepare For The Entrance To Daycare

  • Find out more and make sure that you have made the right choice that suits you because each daycare has its own operation in terms of integration strategy and collaboration with parents.
  • Well before you start, try giving your child a tour of the daycare. Thus, the first contact he has with this place will be by your side. In addition, this visit will allow you to talk with the staff of the establishment and the educator to inform them of your child’s habits and temperament. This will no doubt help to ensure the continuity of the transition.
  • Try to separate from your child for a little while in the day to get him used to your absence. For example, you can take him to the grandparents’ house for two hours, to begin with, and lengthen your absence gradually. This strategy will also be a good idea to install a goodbye ritual.
  • If your child is old enough to understand, you can start describing their new routine(the route they’re going to take, the activities they’re going to do, etc.).

B- From Day One, Think About Gradual Integration

  • It is obvious that your toddler will need the figures that previously represented him, attachment figures. For this, it would be of great use to put in his blanket bin his favorite plush impregnated with your smell, family photos, etc.
  • The timing of separation in the morning and the timing of reunion in the evening are crucial during this period of integration. Think about the ritual of goodbye that preferably you have already developed, but also, fix a precise moment when you will find it. Do not hesitate to associate this moment with a specific activity at the daycare. This will only reassure your child and soothe their fear of abandonment.
  • In addition, want to shorten your stay at the daycare during the first week. Then, you can gradually leave him longer, because it is very important to avoid a sudden break in his routine.

C- Some Tips

  • A small phone call during the day will comfort your child and help them build a relationship of trust.
  • As soon as you can, visit him and stay with your toddler for a while. As soon as the acceptance takes place, you can reduce the frequency.

Finding a reputable Daycare in San Diego, CA- will give you peace of mind and confidence that your little one will be raised and educated by professionals.