Different Mobile Advertising Formats: Which One Is Best For Your Business?

A large part of the users who use their mobile device as a tool tolerate advertisements and do not find them intrusive. That is why you should make the most of the different mobile advertising formats that you have at your fingertips:

Native Ads

Those known as native ads are organic to the user experience. The peculiarity that they have is that they are not highlighted or labeled as advertisements, which increases the chances that they will be accepted by people.

Natives Ads usually take the form of articles, videos, or images, so they adapt to the design of the website or app they are hosted on. These ads are much more effective when they are relevant to the consumer’s interests.

Banner Ads

One of the first mobile advertising formats to emerge was banners. These are much like web page ads in that they contain a headline and an image to grab attention. The most common are the 300×50 and 320×50 rectangular ones, located at the top or bottom of the browser or the application.

They work well on all screens and can be produced with a small investment. But they tend to have low click-through rates and high ad rejection rates compared to other formats.

Interstitial Ads

Another mobile advertising format that offers versatility and results is interstitial ads. Their main feature is that they are full screen, they appear after the user has completed an activity. For example, after watching a video, playing a game, or performing another task.

They have the ability to generate a large number of impressions and clicks for advertisers. In addition to being more spacious for your message and providing the possibility of adding interactivity. In the end, they are much more impactful and memorable.


The expandable advertising format is a combination of banners and interstitials. If they have an interactive component, they are considered Rich Media. Users prefer to see these types of ads on mobile devices than on their desktop computers.

Video Ads

Video ads are better known as “in-stream” ads. In this case, they are displayed before, during, or after videos on websites and apps. They are ideal for demonstrating how to use a product correctly.

It should be noted that this type of format offers a higher percentage of clicks than others. You have the opportunity to improve the performance of video ads through a clear call to action. Just make sure the purpose of the message is obvious so users can act quickly. 

Video Banners

When talking about mobile-friendly advertising formats, one of the usual resources is of video banners. They usually play a short audiovisual before the user finishes reading an article or watching a video on their smartphone.

What you should know is that they can be expensive and complex to produce, especially if you have to adapt them to a horizontal or vertical video format. These will only work if you put them in the right place, as they are potentially disruptive to navigation.

Finding the right mobile ad format for your business marketing will help you stay ahead of your competition. If you’re not sure what format to go for, a top LA Digital Marketing CompanyVega Marketing Solutions can help you find the right format. Talk to a recognized SEO expert to help you out.