Halloween Theme For Your Farewell

If you are planning a bachelor party in October and are in doubt about which theme to choose, we recommend, on these dates, the Halloween theme for your stag or hen party. The mythical spooky night of Halloween is getting better and better and you will also have the perfect opportunity to scare your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Farewells in October, options

When it comes to celebrating a bachelor party in October, we must bear in mind that the weather conditions will make us limit all our possibilities. It is no longer so conducive to carrying out outdoor activities due to the cold or the possibility of rain.

The best options will be plans in closed places. Choosing a few spooky movies, some ghastly decor, and a subtle spooky Halloween-themed background music for your hen party will ensure total success.

A Halloween theme is the best option

If you have the possibility to choose the date within this month, the ideal is to plan it to coincide with Halloween night. It will be perfect since you can dress up or make the boyfriend/girlfriend end up with a zombie’s face without any problem. In addition, on these dates, you can enter any local in the city dressed up, and in some of them, theme parties are held for tonight. This way you will be able to live a terrifying, totally original, and fun night.

There are many activities to do for Halloween at your bachelor party. For example, you can have a costume contest among the guests, have the services of a stripper characterized by Halloween motifs, go to a themed restaurant … And then, go to a nightclub where a show is held where celebrate the night of the dead in style.

From LA Limo and Nightlife, we recommend that all guests dress up for this day. Deep down we all like to dress up, so we feel much more uninhibited and we can have a better time. It is a unique opportunity to do so.

You will also have the possibility to choose to spend the weekend in our facilities. We have all the necessary comforts so that you can extend the Halloween festivities until late at night. We have fully equipped apartments for farewells to rest after the party.