Jokes And Tests For The Bride And Her Friends At The Bachelorette Party

The best way to diversify a bachelorette party is to organize contests, tests and fun congratulations to the bride.

1. What are the names of the relatives?

Let’s see if the bride knows the names of the family relations. If she finds it hard to reply, her friends reply. You can start with easy questions and increase the difficulty until you ask about great-great-grandchildren or in-laws.

  • The husband’s mother and father are the in-laws.
  • The Brothers and sisters of the husband are the brothers-in-law.
  • Their children for parents on both sides are their grandchildren.
  • The brothers and sisters of the couple, for their children, are their aunts and uncles.
  • Their children for the children of brothers and sisters are cousins.
  • The husband of the bride for her parents is her son-in-law.
  • The wife of the husband’s parents is their daughter-in-law.
  • The children of a sister or brother are nephews to you.
  • Your sister’s grandchildren are great-nephews to you.
  • You are for the grandchildren of a sister or brother their chacha (or great-aunt).
  • To the mother of your future husband’s grandfather, you are his grandmother.

2. Battle with paper cups

You will need paper cups for this test. It is necessary to build a tower by inserting several cups upside down into each other. The task of the participants is to throw glasses into the tower in turns. Whoever cannot insert the glass drinks a shot. If you find cups of different colors, then it will be possible to supplement the rules of the game by determining which drink to drink depending on the color of the paper cup. The winner is the one with the most hits.

3. I give the phone to the friend who…

This is a fun challenge that reveals the funniest habits or facts in the lives of brides. You need to start shooting a video with the selfie camera, say hello, describe in a few words your own mood or the general mood of a bachelorette party, and then say: “And now I’m handing the phone to the friend who loves the most. he yells, so much so that he can demoralize a battalion of soldiers with his voice”, or “I give the phone to the person who snores at night more than a tiger”. And so on in a circle, until the fun facts are over, or because of laughter, it becomes impossible to continue the video. The idea is to record a video that when you see it after several years have passed, will bring you a big smile and a wave of nostalgia.

4. Funny prank with photos

This bachelorette party prank involves preparation in the form of a photo and a funny caption or even a video with a verbal comment from each girl. It is necessary for the girls to take a photo of some everyday situation in which the future bride may find herself after the wedding.

At the bachelorette party, while congratulating the bride, the brides show their photos on the phone, accompanying the show with wishes and congratulations. The funniest thing is that the action in the photo must be deliberately fruitless. For example, a girl shows how she takes a white T-shirt with a color stain out of the washing machine and the sentence: “I will always support you in difficult times, I will help you hang out the clothes if you don’t have time.” Another girl shows the photo of herself in front of the oven with a burnt cake and says: “I will always come to your aid with the kitchen, I will teach you how to bake.” The third is a photo with a broken mop in front of a spilled bucket of water: “I’ll always give you great tips for quick and easy cleanup,” etc.

At the end, you can take a photo with all the participants in the bachelorette party, sign: “Home trifles are not as important as friendship, warmth and affection” and send it to the bride.