Opt for the leader in Car Rental for Filming

LA Limo and Nightlife is an excellent provider of rental cars for filming for the film, commercial, and television industries.

Our catalog of cars for our own shootings allows us to satisfy production needs quickly and without complications. Our fleet of over 100 classic car film rental vehicles includes a wide range of options, offering RVs, luxury cars, custom muscle cars, classic cars, vintage film rentals, and many other options to meet your needs. Car for filming, which places us as a leading supplier in car rental for filming.

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Classic cars for TV and movies

For our car rental service for filming, we also have mechanical assistance, maintenance, and cleaning of the vehicle with all the necessary instruments and materials. Before, during, and after the event. We can also take care of the custody and transportation of the vehicle, always according to your needs.

Cars for music videos and events

Find the perfect vehicle for your music video, whether you’re looking for an iconic old car, a 50’s retro look, vintage cars, or action vehicles. Each car’s profile has been meticulously updated to provide vital information.