Undoubtedly, an erotic show, which cannot be missed at a bachelor party, of course, believe it or not, these sensual stripers will always leave you speechless with their shows.

File:Channel Solid Gold.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsA female striper show or show, lasts approximately between 15m to 20m, they are prepared shows and with choreographies chosen by them, normally the striper, when the show ends, stays a while longer in the place to take some selfies and photographs with you, have a nice memory, be able to show off on the networks and get to know her a little more.

The total time will be approximately 30 minutes from arrival to departure.

The artist always travels to the requested place, whether in the city or to any location, which can be the reserved area of ​​a restaurant where you are celebrating the party or at home, since many people have private parties, you can also do the show private limousine or disco bus, both small and large (only available in some cities)

You have to know that the rate and displacement will depend on the kilometers always from the capital, the service will have an extra amount per displacement.


We advise that to hire a stripper is to call in advance, especially if it is for a location further away from the city, you can also make the reservation ONLINE in just 2 minutes from our website. We make it easy for you.

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