On a day as special as your wedding, don’t settle for just any car, choose the car of your dreams.

At LA Limo and Nightlife not only do we offer you, different models, that will be up to the task of this great occasion, but we also offer you a very convenient price when renting classic cars for weddings.

There are many brides and grooms who choose to hire a limousine to get to the place where the wedding will be held. Seeing both the groom and the bride get out of a limo adds class to the celebration. After the union, many bride and groom arrive together in a limousine at the banquet, where all the guests will see them get out of the vehicle and take numerous photos of them that will look even better with a car of this class. Therefore, renting limousines in LA for a wedding celebration is a highly recommended option.

Gina & Andreas' wedding at Nesodden — Sébastian Dahl

We are specialized in wedding services. We are the reference company in the sector, covering more than 500 events annually, which guarantees a professional, exquisite service without surprises. If you only get married once, why won’t you have the best?

Our fleet consists of spectacular luxury and high-end classic vehicles, in perfect condition. We give the highest representation working with the most exclusive brands, such as Rolls  Royce, Cadillac, Jaguar, Austin, Bentley, Morgan, Hurtan, and Mercedes.